Releasing powerful REST APIs and SDKs to ReSurfX::vysen product

Releasing powerful and secure REST APIs and SDKs to our outcomes intelligence product enterprise SaaS product ReSurfX::vysen. A popular request from our customers to whom we are building end-to-end enterprise solutions for vertical integration and use, is ease of integration. We are proud of our leadership and technical teams for thoughtful and clean development of these additional functionalities says our Founder and CEO - Suresh Gopalan. This addition with our focus on end-to-end and 'best in class' applications that are continually added to our offerings help many classes of ongoing and upcoming data-intensive initiatives for and with our customers have significant impact on their ROI as captured in the simple pictorial below.

Key considerations in our product design strategy, besides smooth user interactions including in these APIs with well defined end-points and SDK wrappers that combine them as functional modules in addition through our interfaces (UI) in the web application. An example is the remark from a customer that "this is a remarkably smooth UI for a heavy grade application product of this nature".