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ReSurfX is an outcomes intelligence technology company  improving innovation and ROI from data intensive activities to improve insights, automate knowledge extraction and predict outcome directions in advance, with focus on the healthcare sector. We leverage a novel data-source agnostic machine learning approach 'Adaptive Hypersurface Technology' (AHT) we invented to deliver value to the market as artificial intelligence (AI) solutions (e.g., our Advance Outcomes Alert System - AOAS) enabling experts to add superior value to their enterprise effectively. We enable better decisions and outcomes through superior data utilization solutions and data generation (measurement technology redesign) solutions - offering unprecedented accuracy, robustness and novel insights. Our focus is on end-to-end solutions for Pharma and Biotech enterprises and healthcare sector (spanning discovery - clinical trial - high cost product sale and medical care) with quantitative and AI based evidence.  on effective development of treatment options and patient care delivery in pharma, biotech and healthcare delivery organizations.

Our enterprise SaaS product ReSurfX::vysen is one of the most accurate product in the market with each of  the functionalities and use configurations proven to be the best-in-class at-scale. A powerful predictor of ReSurfX::vysen is SyRTOP - Systems Response based Triggers and Outcomes Predictor has powerful validation of unprecedented prediction power as novel insights and advance prediction of outcomes directions.  Our focus is on end-to-end solutions for Pharma and Biotech enterprises and healthcare sector (spanning discovery -  clinical trial - high cost product sale and medical care with quantitative evidence). ReSurfX uses proprietary IP supporting our solutions and also has many issued patents. ReSurfX is also leveraging AHT in powerful Adaptive Operating Point Solutions (AOPS), a suite of analytics and prediction functionalities built for environments with lesser compute resources such as at the edges (including smartphones) for use in tailored end-use solutions for rapid, sensitive and accurate decisions with the adaptiveness and personalization that are inherent to AHT.

ReSurfX::vysen - SyrTOP AI solution has direct validation supporting use in prospective prediction of outcomes in healthcare settings. Check out: ReSurfX in 2021 – Best-in-class Outcome Predictors, Innovation Catalysts and ROI Multipliers for an example of prediction insights on drug-drug-interactions that have been flagged by FDA guidance related to co-prescribing based on real-life post-market surveillance (PMS) data.

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Below are quick outlines of our" propositions and market value" and "product and validations"

The former is a version used in CIO Review magazine when we were recognized as 20 Most Promising Analytics Vendors.

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