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ReSurfX Inc. provides highly accurate outcomes intelligence solutions enabling life sciences and healthcare organizations to achieve markedly better decisions and outcomes to increase ROI and innovation. ReSurfX is a new breed of Big Data based outcomes intelligence company focused on both superior data utilization and data generation (measurement technology redesigns) solutions - offering unprecedented accuracy, robustness, novel insights and advance prediction of outcomes direction. The ReSurfX (*) Mission is to enable superior innovation and ROI through the most accurate outcomes from data, predicting outcome directions in advance, and better data generation technologies with inventive and accurate class of solutions. The origin of our name - ReSurfX.

We provide powerful AI solutions leveraging a novel machine learning approach we invented, with inherent personalization component, and add new intelligence to operations and outcomes besides enabling experts. Besides creative improvement of traditional limitations of widely used analytics concepts at the core of most machine learning and artificial intelligence, we also invent and implement solutions beyond the boundaries of well-established analytics that add unique and superior value to our customers.
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The ReSurfX technological and business approaches have been recognized with many accolades  for advanced data analytics, personalized medicine, big data utilization and more by leading organizations. 

Breakthrough Advance in Knowledge Extraction, Outcomes Prediction and Data Utilization: Adaptive Hypersurface Technology

We leverage our novel, proprietary, and patented 'Adaptive Hypersurface Technology (AHT)' that yields superior accuracy, enables novel insights and has inherent capability for personalization, and the our solutions naturally fall under a combination of artificial intelligence (AI) and expert-enabler (in human expertise intensive applications). AHT is a data-source agnostic, continuously learning solution that specializes in combining various data sources to adaptively identify combinations of inputs that can lead to an outcome of interest.

Our current focus is on implementing AHT to improve decision accuracy and outcomes in life sciences and healthcare sectors, though AHT is applicable to many fields. The data-source agnostic nature of AHT can be applied across diverse applications such as gene sequence analysis, patient care, marketing and finance. Originally based on inventions to overcome problems common to many large volume data problems, AHT has now evolved into a complete and novel ML framework that are used a mothership modules in many solutions of ReSurfX. They are covered by patents and other proprietary intellectual property.

The data-source agnostic nature and the fundamental property in all data to outcome problems allows the use AHT in a sector agnostic manner - including healthcare and finance.

AHT analytics approach is based on the concept of identifying and utilizing an 'adaptive number of parameters' derived from the input which is multi-parameter datasets that can lead to an outcome of interest, conferring combinations of possibilities to determine an outcome. AHT finds most dataset and outcome of interest dependent parameters from the input data rather than assuming that the input dataset is a subset of a larger population as is done with classical statistics. Thus, AHT framework overcomes limitations fundamental to classical statistical approaches used in most analytical solutions and confers new advantages. We have recently shown that this approach brings unprecedented accuracy, is robust and scalable. Learn More.

Some aspects of AHT are covered by over 14 issued patents in several countries. AHT yielded unprecedented levels of accuracy compared to other analytic approaches on customer data initiatives and widely studied data sets used as benchmark.

End-to-End Solutions

ReSurfX products and solutions are built to accelerate realization of automated knowledge extraction, evidence-based personalized medicine, clinical grade applications, and help life science and healthcare enterprises thrive in the evolving outcomes based economy.

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Big Data creates large number of opportunities, and most existing and emerging companies broadly fall into two categories:

  • Those focusing on infrastructure or leveraging IT advances (Storage, Access to data, Computational Power).
  • Those focusing application of analytics (application specific or general purpose analysis tools).

A major aspect that is underserved is the design of measurement systems from a big data usage point of view.

ReSurfX takes this into account and provides solutions that empower organizations to improve the end-to-end quality of data flow by:

  • Improving the accuracy of data flows thereby dramatically reducing overhead.
  • Furthering automated insight extraction.
  • Predicting outcomes of clinical trials and patient care in advance.
  • Transforming the delivery of high-cost patient care products to cost-effective outcomes based business models.
  • Redesigning measurement systems that generate large volumes of data (e.g., sequencing
    scanners, diagnostics).

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Enterprise-Grade Cloud-Based Software Product

Our enterprise-grade cloud based software product ReSurfX::vysen delivers the benefits of
AHT, currently for gene expression analysis, with an attractive tiered pricing model that
aligns cost for customers with their volume of data usage.

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Measurement Technology Redesign Solutions

ReSurfX sensor/component level technology redesign solutions improve the quality of data
while simplifying data usage. The removal of fundamental errors (not correctable by data
analytics) and ease of achieving superior data analytics through accompanying software
advances offers superior accuracy and far lower costs in the end use of instruments and the
amount of data needed.

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(*) There is another company who is using our inventive and innovative name ReSurfX, as our market offerings are, (even capitalizing three letter like we do). We caution people who use products from companies with such shady practices to be vigilant of their health and wellness.