ReSurfX::vysen 2.0 is a rapidly evolving cloud-based  'outcomes intelligence' enterprise platform leveraging the novel and powerful 'Adaptive Hypersurface Technology (AHT)' we invented to provide intelligence in variety of data-intensive problems and  is currently focused on the life science and healthcare sectors. Leveraging AHT, ReSurfX::vysen significantly improves  innovation  and ROI of enterprises from their data-intensive initiatives through best-in-class functionalities like SyRTOP (System Response based Triggers and Outcomes Predictor) with unprecedented prediction power including prediction of outcomes directions in advance, in addition to  remarkable improvements in accuracy, novel insights, and automation of knowledge extraction. ReSurfX solutions disrupt the status quo in data and technology-intensive enterprises by empowering experts with powerful and novel data-source agnostic solutions leveraging innovations outside the mainstream of standard analytics frameworks to overcome problems common to most approaches available.

ReSurfX has validated predictive AI solutions for prospective prediction of outcomes  in patient care (and  many other real life uses).  Such validations include evidences that ReSurfX::vysen SyRTOP predicted drug-drug interactions that have necessitated FDA action based on post-market surveillance  (PMS) data from what would be considered early stage data. This is extremely valuable in such complex sectors like healthcare, where experts with immense accumulated knowledge are a currently the key to success.

In addition the component parts of ReSurfX::vysen SyRTOP including a large scale data comparison module (vysen-COMPARE1) and prediction module (vysen-PRED1) have proven to be 'best-in-class' in both accuracy and robustness. These ReSurfX::vysen modules:

  • Aid creation of significantly more accurate custom enterprise Knowledge Repositories (KRs) that improve predictions whether ReSurfX prediction engine or another prediction engine is used. That is, the enhancement of predictive power is enhanced due to significantly reduced errors in the knowledge repositories created by AHT based ReSurfX solutions.
  • Improve existing workflows through (i) better error handling and (ii) by providing components that improve accuracy (hence outcomes) of other analytic workflows by improving accuracy of intermediate inputs.
  • Aid automation of knowledge extraction by virtue of accuracy and robustness.

vysen (aka ReSurfX::vysen) is so named at it is intended to 'wisen^^' experts in your enterprises to significantly improve innovation, outcomes and ROI. Learn about the origin of our name - ReSurfX.

We are revolutionizing healthcare through novel and effective data utilization strategies to combine large scale measurement technologies (e.g., omics data) and data from healthcare settings (e.g., EHR). vysen is one component of our product portfolio to deliver data-analytics to significantly improve life sciences discovery, drug development, healthcare outcomes and efficient delivery of high cost healthcare products

Technology and Product

Adaptive Hypersurface Technology (AHT) is a novel data-analytics concept based on adaptively identifying many combinations of input parameters that can determine the same outcome of interest. This novel and powerful comparative analytics approach leads to robust, sensitive and accurate outcomes with inherent personalization. In customer data initiatives and on widely studied large datasets used as benchmark AHT yielded unprecedented levels of accuracy compared to other analytic approaches.

The current product, ReSurfX::vysen, leverages the superior advantages of AHT to provide 'best in class' gene expression analytics from sequencing and microarray, and ability to predict triggers and outcomes based on total system responses (SyRTOP) and has repository scale processing capabilities with unique product structure and integration advantages. As our results show that existing back-end databases used for gleaning knowledge (Knowledge Repositories) have over 30% errors, we provide Big Data solutions to generate ACCURATE custom knowledge repositories from proprietary data of customers.

It is not an easy feat to demonstrate such major reduction in the error rates and such a robust improvement in accuracy in this beachhead application, given the fact enormous effort over the years by the AI, ML and statistical communities  to develop solutions to accomplish these goals. This places applications leveraging AHT into an immensely advantageous and valuable category to improve innovation, and create more opportunities by effective use of resources through novel insights.

vysen 2.0 adopts an attractive tiered pricing model that aligns cost for customers with their volume of data usage. We also offer a FREE TRIAL version to experience the product advantages and features.

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Hybrid Solution Portfolio

We deploy a dual strategy to big data problems both through technology redesign solutions to remove fundamental errors at data generation step and decision analytic products for efficient downstream outcomes intelligence. Our products and solutions offer tremendous advantages and applications in areas of Personalized Medicine, Clinical Trials, Drug Discovery and Development, Patient Care Decision and more.

ReSurfX::vysen 2.0 is just one component of our interlinked product line providing end-to-end value to life science and healthcare enterprises:

  • Advance Outcomes Alert System (AOAS) for clinical trials, newer business models for pharmaceutical product sales and quantitative support for evidence-based medicine.
  • Getting superior data to flow through enterprise workflows facilitating automated knowledge extraction, novel insights, and more efficient discovery and downstream business operations.
  • Redesign of measurement systems that generate large volumes of data or of systems used in large volumes (e.g., sequencing scanners, physical and e-diagnostics) at both the sensor and component levels. ReSurfX sensor/component level technology redesign solutions improve the quality of data while simplifying data usage.
  • Adaptive Operating Point Solutions (AOPS) that are functionalities built for delivering powerful analytics and intelligence in relatively lesser resource environments such as the edges (including smartphones) as rapid, sensitive and accurate predictions and decisions with the added adaptiveness and personalization that are inherent to AHT. These functionalities can be easily tailored as end-use solutions including to combine:
    • Evolving technological advances in measurements through sensors in hand-held devices and wearables.
    • Personally identifiable information (PII) and protected health information (PHI) from other systems including through use of security and identity protection solutions such as block chain.

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Industry Recognition

ReSurfX continues to garner recognition as a promising company bringing unique leading edge
value to the healthcare and life sciences industry.

We have been recognized with numerous accolades which include recognition as:

  • One of '20 Most Promising Data Analytics Vendors 2017' by CIOReview magazine.
  • ¬†An 'emerging company defining the next generation of personalized¬†medicine platforms and technologies' by the Personalized Medicine World Congress (PMWC).


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^^ wisen (ee-verb: i.e., extended English verb) - to make individual or groups of people or entities such as organizations wiser, productive and achieve superior outcomes by using solutions of ReSurfX, Inc.