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About ReSurfX::vysen

ReSurfX::vysen  is a rapidly evolving, enterprise-grade, cloud-based, integrative analytics platform  to solve a variety of analytics problems. vysen 2.0 incorporates our powerful, patented, and proprietary solutions that includes our novel Adaptive Hypersurface Technology (AHT). It offers a high level of accuracy and key insights that help organizations make improved data-based decisions and obtain better outcomes. Our initial product is focused on the life science and healthcare sectors. Learn about the origin of our name - ReSurfX.

Our Goal is to 'wisen^^' YOU to make better decisions and obtain better outcomes (hence the name vysen).


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Note: The 30-day full feature free trial version provides access to testing features and functionality only on pre-populated data from MAQC and SEQC studies.

Increase Innovation and Improve ROI at Your Organization

Our Goal is to provide you with a novel data-source agnostic platform that empowers your enterprise to improve outcomes, innovation, and ROI.
We help you do this by:

  • Providing predictors with unprecedented accuracy and value. One predictor SyRTOP (Systems Response based Triggers and Outcomes Predictor). A use case that show cases each of the value propositions of ReSurfX can be seen at:

    ReSurfX in 2021 – Best-in-class Outcome Predictors, Innovation Catalysts and ROI Multipliers.

  • Improving the accuracy of data flows, thereby dramatically reducing overhead.
  • Furthering automated knowledge extraction.
  • Predicting outcomes of clinical trials and patient care in advance.
  • Transforming the delivery of high-cost patientcare products to cost-effective outcomes based business models.
  • Redesigning measurement systems that generate large volumes of data (e.g., sequencing scanners, diagnostics etc).

Key Technical Features

  • An enterprise-grade secure cloud application with end to end encryption of data.
  • Integration with existing enterprise workflows leveraging and advancing leading edge technological advances in compute and Big Data processing technologies.
  • Superior attention to user experience. Pleasing and intuitive user interface in our web app.
  • Power functions for UI based users.
  • High quality REST APIs with clearly defined end points and SDKs (often emulating a whole functional unit) in multiple languages - facilitating easy integration with customer workflows.
  • Well synchronized UI and API/SDK access.
  • An integrated fetch function to get data from public and private repositories to combine with your data during analysis. Currently, there is a built-in functionality to fetch from NCBI/GEO, we can tailor to fetch from other repositories.
  • Powerful added functionalities to facilitate regulatory compliance and enterprise continuity.
  • Ability to run repository scale analysis & tailor additional security levels or infrastructure format to suit your needs.
  • Expert knowledge-based add-on services to help you make best decisions from your data and outcomes.
  • Backward integration capability to use previous versions of modules if needed.

Use Cases

vysen incorporates our novel and proprietary Adaptive Hypersurface Technology (AHT) and is THE MOST ACCURATE PRODUCT IN THE MARKET.

AHT yielded unprecedented levels of accuracy compared to other analytic approaches on customer data initiatives and widely studied benchmark data sets. Our customer's experiences expressed in few testimonials on this website reflect some aspects of the value we offer and are recognized for.

Please check out our validation, proofs, and other insights covered in blogs and whitepapers available in our 'vysdom page' to learn about unprecedented accuracy and value. We also have information to help you pick the right solution for your data analytics initiatives and accomplish the goals of your organization.

Seamless Transition as we expand our Product Offerings

We will continue to work with our current and new customers on applications of our solutions as a service as we continue to build additional applications and features on this platform. In some cases, we build custom solutions using our proprietary technologies.

We also work with our customers in 'Solution as a Service' and 'Data-to-Decision support' models with a variety of data types that will be part of our emerging integrative platform.

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^^ wisen (ee-verb: i.e., extended English verb) - to make individual or groups of people or entities such as organizations wiser, productive and achieve superior outcomes by using solutions of ReSurfX, Inc.