ReSurfX: what is in a name?

ReSurfX is an 'outcomes intelligence' company enabling better decisions. innovation, outcomes and ROI for enterprises from their data-intensive activities, with primary focus on healthcare (including Pharma, biotech and patient care). The enterprise software product ReSurfX::vysen offered by ReSurfX as SaaS leverages a novel data-source agnostic machine learning approach  'Adaptive Hypersurface Technology' (AHT) invented by Suresh Gopalan providing Artificial Intelligence (AI)-driven suite of functionalities and technology redesign solutions, including the proprietary 'Advance Outcomes Alert System'. The solutions leveraging AHT have been shown to be the best-in-class, including the SyRTOP AI predictor configuration of ReSurfX::vysen.

However, if you search for the name “ReSurfX” (or resurfx) at this time (mid-October, 2018) on the internet search engine with the most market share (Google®), you may find that a different company than ours occupies many of the top search results. It is a skin care company (Lumenis), where they have named a module in a laser product as “ReSurFX”. ReSurfX, as our company is named, with the unique characteristic of three upper letter case letters is very rare. Why then does our company, which has over 14 issued patents covering novel analytic approaches that date back to 2005 filings, have this unusual confusion with another company with explicitly declared intent to use in commerce time is the year 2014. Our commercial company, ReSurfX, was founded in 2009 with registered web domain in that name and a live website since that time.

Given that and the information that follows it is a surprise how USPTO and other equivalent agencies missed or knowingly allowed that registration.

In our case, the motivating concept for naming our company came from the founder and CEO (Suresh Gopalan, PhD) in a deposited article dated September 2004 // in which the original motivating concept, referred to as ResurfP for “Response Surface Assisted Parametric approach”, was developed to solve a problem encountered with the analysis of gene expression data from the Affymetrix™ GeneChip® platform. When the concept motivated by ReSurfP was developed further as a broader technology suite and a company to solve a variety of problems involving large volumes of data, it was renamed ReSurfX - replacing the ‘P’ with ‘X’ (where usage of x is from the  mathematical notation referring to a variable - in this case the variable being the problem to be solved).

Unfortunately, by adopting the name ResurFX, despite being informed by us before they attempted to officially use that name, Lumenis has sown quite a bit of confusion about the name of our company, thereby creating a significant marketing problem for us. Indeed the confusion is even more evident when they mistakenly used our Twitter handle @ReSurfX that has been in existence since July 2011. We are taking appropriate steps to solve this problem. In the meantime, we are posting this information to explain the background of our name, ReSurfX, to our current and potential professional partners (team, customers, investors etc.).

Be assured that we have developed a number of innovative ideas and solutions, from the name up, to help our customers and the market make major strides in generating and utilizing data in novel and effective ways.

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