Investment, Customer Partnerships and joining ReSurfX Team

ReSurfX is a multi-disciplinary venture at the leading edge of innovation and market needs. Much of what we do lies in the interface of many different disciplines with a wide variety of applications. We believe mutually beneficial business and investment partnerships are key ways of maximizing the value of our innovation, vision and our ability to transform them into some of the most differentiated, accurate and valuable products in the market. The origin of our name - ReSurfX.

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Investment Partnerships

ReSurfX has a strong value proposition with unprecedented growth opportunity solving major market problems. ReSurfX is gearing for next round of equity investment raise to build our products and other aspects of our venture further to build an impactful and lasting enterprise.

We are looking to team up with investors with strong interest in being part of imparting a paradigm to this market and attain substantial and timely return on investment.

We are grateful to the current investors who have made the growth possible until this stage.

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Join ReSurfX and revolutionize at the leading edge of AI creating impactful solutions for important societal needs. Please check out our 'Careers' and 'RSX Internship Programs' pages to learn about becoming part of the ReSurfX team.

The origin of our name - ReSurfX.

Internships structured for modern workforce:

Click this link for: Internship opportunities available for summer and fall 2023.

We host highly motivated candidates (Junior Year of Undergrad through post-completion of Masters) as interns in areas of mutual interest. Our internship approach is aimed at training the candidates for workforce readiness or change in direction giving a clear view of where their skills fit into a modern organization and product development cycle in relation to their long-term goals, though their code is never part of our products in market. We take the approach of the subtle guidance (with many leaders contributing from the background) so our interns develop self-respect, technical and other workplace skills, a sense of ownership and independent accomplishment. With these criteria, our acceptance rate is very low.

Our approach has been highly successful to career goals of past interns listed below.

  1. Zhusui Luo (MS in Statistics Student) - Analytics Intern: 2012.
  2. Sandhya Kshirsagar (MS in Computer Science Student) - Software Development Intern: 2013.
  3. Brendan Koeniger, MBA - Marketing Research and Strategic Planning Intern: 2013.
  4. Tim Qin (BS in Computer Engineering Student) - Software Engineering Intern: 2016.
  5. Saranya Balaji (MS in Computer Science Student) - Software Development Intern: 2016, 2017, 2018.
  6. Sandesh Wani (MS in Computer Science Student) - Software Development Intern: 2016.
  7. Carlyle Braganza (MBA) - Marketing Strategy Intern: 2017.
  8. Tarun Katipalli (MS in Bioinformatics) - Biological Informatic Analytics Intern: 2017.
  9. Melina Gross (BS in Business and Biology Student) : Marketing Strategy and Content Development Intern: 2018.
  10. Abhinna Adhikari (BS in Computer Science Student) : Software Development Intern - 2019.
  11. Guotian Kan (MS in Business Analytics, Doctoral Student in Data Science): Machine Learning and Data Science Intern: 2022.