Powerful ‘Systems Response Based Triggers and Outcomes Predictor’ to our enterprise SaaS product ReSurfX::vysen

Introducing a powerful functional module SyRTOP to predict triggers and outcomes from the response of a system ('systems response') to our outcomes intelligence SaaS  product ReSurfX::vysen. These solutions are both artificial intelligence and expert enablers (where human intelligence is paramount). We have released information on how our powerful and novel 'data-source agnostic' machine learning approach 'Adaptive Hypersurface Technology' (AHT) is one of the most powerful solution when many combinations of inputs can lead to the same outcome. Variety of data sources are becoming available as is the ease to incorporate these into cause and outcomes determination workflows including in our target sectors Pharma, biotech and healthcare. We have now introduced a powerful new solution (SyRTOP) as a functional module to ReSurfX::vysen to gain insights on the causes and effects (and side-effects) of actions/treatments to alter them effectively (e.g., in patient outcomes, clinical trials, high cost treatments). Learn more about this solution here using a drug response case study - ReSurfX::vysen Yields Remarkably Accurate and Actionable Insights Using System Response to Triggers – A Drug Response Study. We also demonstrate that the solution we offer is far more accurate than widely used public domain and and commercial product solutions (that were among the best of available solutions). During our efforts found that 'current Knowledge Repositories (backend databases) have more than 30% errors', indicating a cause why even the most powerful infrastructure and solutions often don't live up to their hype.

Together with this module we also incorporated a continually increasing Knowledge Repository into ReSurfX::vysen, and Big Data solutions to help our customers make accurate knowledge sources even from their proprietary data.

While drug response is used as an example here, the value of SyRTOP solves various needs says Suresh Gopalan, our CEO and Founder - just in our initial target sectors applications include predicting patient outcomes, knowing unexpected outcomes, monitoring deviations from predicted behavior in clinical trials. He goes on to add that we are proud of our awesome team to innovate and incorporate another 'best in class' solution into ReSurfX::vysen enterprise SaaS product.