Part 2: Analytics on Real World Data

Part 2: Gaining Novel Insights from Complex Real-World Data—ReSurfX::vysen vs Widely Used Analytics

In this second part of our whitepaper Series 'Improving Outcomes Through Enhanced Data Analytics and Artificial Intelligence', we test Adaptive Hypersurface Technology (AHT) leveraged in our product ReSurfX::vysen to popular alternative analytical tools on real-world data and knowledge bases built from them. From the resulting evaluation, we demonstrate that ReSurfX::vysen not only performs robustly with lesser data, but uniquely allows for deeper (causal) insights on components and interactions resulting in higher-level (inferential) knowledge. We want to highlight that the datasets from these two technologies are used to showcase the power of AHT where these two raw data have two different properties of multiple inputs use to measure an output.

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