Healthcare Solutions

ReSurfX  products and solutions improve drug discovery and development process and many aspects of healthcare decisions.

The origin of our name.

Our products and solutions:

  • Returns high ratio of 'positive effect of decisions' to 'cost of decisions' (ROI).
  • Improves your innovation potential.
  • Predicts outcomes directions in advance of most available solutions.
  • Sets you up for novel value-based or outcomes-based business models.
  • Provides quantitative support for evidence based medicine.

Our solutions improve cost efficiency of drug discovery and development and deployment including through:

  • Revolutionizing technologies used in these processes.
  • Reducing error at each stage (spanning discovery, clinical trails, and product sales) through an enterprise grade product with patented and proprietary solutions.
  • Enabling new models of product sale in emerging value based system, and post-sale value creation (including through use of tools for personalized medicine and evidence based medicine).
  • Setting ‘new standards’ for many diagnostic assays and equipment (existing and emerging).
  • Improving digital and IT enabled intelligence for healthcare decisions.

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We thus add value all across the Healthcare Chain:

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We aim to contribute significantly to reduce our unsustainable increase in medical care cost at the same time allowing incorporation of modern discovery based tools and medicines as well as healthcare IT (HIT).

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