Drug Development

A typical drug discovery process uses hundreds of technologies and other diverse data sources. Over 70% of money spend on R&D effort in a drug development effort is estimated to be unproductive.

ReSurfX solutions not only deliver superior technologies through working with technology manufacturers, our product and solutions also reduce errors (simultaneously catering to reduce false positives as well as missed true positives) in analytics involved with each of these data sources.

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Our products and solutions use a pervasive dataset property at each stage helping you improve efficiency that add up to an extremely large savings in your programs.

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The design of our enterprise product embedded with these solutions works across many divisions in the research phase as well as the development phase, and various other departments seamlessly.

Our product format leverages your experts as well as solutions and infrastructure you currently use.  Our approaches help you uncover targets and biological alterations that would have traditionally been missed. A depiction of how our solutions deliver a future generation workflow improving your efficiency is shown here.

Our approach to dealing with measurement systems as well as analytical errors enable superior efficiencies and achieve significantly improved return on investment (ROI) on your drug discovery and pre-clinical workflow.

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