Measurement Technologies

ReSurfX strategic technology design solutions

ReSurfX is setting a new standard in sensitivity, accuracy of measurement systems and ease of use of measured data through improvements of design at the sensor and component level.

The origin of our name - ReSurfX.

Application of our patented and proprietary approaches involves hardware and component level changes involving engineering, chemistry, biology and other disciplines. We leverage multidisciplinary knowledge together with sophisticated use of a new solution dealing with multiple inputs to an output.

High Volume data generation technologies

We are primarily targeting premium technologies and improving sensitivity, accuracy, and ease of end use of data. Our approach is solving problems with current technologies where many organizations struggle to find new ways of utilizing data to reduce errors after its generation. The latter problem is particularly true of high-throughput and system-wide measurement technologies, that individually or in combination generate terabytes to petabytes of data. Many wave / spectral sensors and the generated data are amenable to this approach.

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Large volume use technologies

Imagine your smartphone recognizing your voice command accurately every time (even with different accents etc.), or your QR code scans being recognized the first time. Our technology can improve such large volume use technologies (other examples include medical diagnostics) through much more accurate and sensitive at the measurement step.

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