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ReSurfX Enterprise Workflow Analytics Solutions: Data-Based Decision Accuracy

ReSurfX enterprise data analytics workflow product for improved data-based decision making is comprised of repeated application solutions for utilizing data using a pervasive property inherent or that can be reconfigured for utilization in that format.

The origin of our name - ReSurfX.

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This workflow product helps reduce analytic errors at numerous stages of the enterprise, adding up to a large increase in data based decision accuracy, efficiency and value.

In addition, the ReSurfX workflow product hosting the solution based on the above mentioned property and many other solutions for error reduction and efficiency testing of many analytics is designed to utilize latest developments in cloud, parallelization and other aspects of computing. This configuration allows integration with many solutions and infrastructure built around specific data and applications in an enterprise.

An additional advantage of this ReSurfX workflow product is that it makes Big Data problems less of size and more of freedom, so your experts can deliver immense value from data with ease.

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